1978: Central City Clinic (now Tower Junction Physio) was established by Marg Fife and has been in operation since then. The clinic itself was alongside the High Street Medical Centre and was providing a full range of physiotherapy services to the Central Business District of Christchurch.

1996: Podiatry was incorporated in the same rooms as the physio clinic.

2000: Blair Clatworthy and his wife Jo- who is a Podiatrist- bought the business off Marg as she wished to travel overseas and pursue another career. (Blair also owned Ferry Road Physiotherapy which he sold in 2004).

2003: In 2003 Jo sold the podiatry business to Nick Haley and Blair was only focusing on physiotherapy. Blair and Nick operated the clinic as a partnership, offering a professional team approach to all clients of Central City Clinic until February 2011.

February 2011: After the earthquake the clinic was temporary operating from Wairakei Road while the new premises on the corner of Clarence Street and Blenheim Road underwent a huge makeover. To see the video, click here.

May 2011: The new clinic, Tower Junction Physio opened. Due to the new location, Tower Junction Physio became the new official name of Central City Physiotherapy Clinic.