What is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a medical profession which aims to speed up your recovery from injury, prevent injuries from occurring in the future and keep you healthy and fit.

We at Tower Junction Physio know how the body works and our aim is to get your body to work as efficiently as it can to allow you to have a good quality of life.  This may involve teaching you about correct posture and positioning when you perform your normal daily activities, work tasks or sporting endeavours.
Treatment is tailored specifically for each individual which is dependent on what the problem is.  We will get you to tell us about your injury and show us what movements hurt.  In addition we will ask you to perform a range of other movements too before we come to a conclusion and discuss a plan of how to fix the problem.

One important thing to note is that getting an injury or pain assessed early often results in a faster recovery.

Unfortunately sometimes injuries may be very severe and we may need to send you for X-rays, scans or to other Medical Specialists to help with your recovery.